To our supporter's​

My name’s Lee-Anthony ( Founder of Tropical Fruit Designs ) and we are here to uplift people and businesses through the skills and tools we have to offer.

Our Purpose

To make and be the difference in the lives around the world as best as we possibly can, starting off with our motherland South Africa.

Our Vision

To help people live with a purpose of uplifting others with their skill set, so that a strong foundation can be built for a brighter future in each individual.

Our Contribution

10% of profits is used to give back to communities, people or causes in a way that will equip them better on their journey.

Quote of the day by Lee - Anthony

To not talk about moments, goals or dreams until the day of completion. This will truly be a walk to remember and for everyone to remember that we are all capable of making a difference in the lives around us each and everyday, so that we can build a strong community and nation.